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Camcorder to DVD

 Your VHS, DV, Video 8, Hi8 tapes, Betamax  will be digitised using the highest quality equipment such as the  Canopus ADVC-55 digitiser. Analogue video tapes will have any jitter reduced. This helps to remove the side to side image wobble you may have seen on playback. Dynamic Noise Reduction will be applied to improve the image quality. The video will be trimmed to tidy up the start and end points. It will also be cropped to remove the extra scan lines sometimes seen at the bottom edge of analogue videos. If you require we can fully edit your video to add titles and remove obvious bad film shots. (camera running and pointing to the ground etc) for an additional charge. To ensure the best quality a maximum of 90 minutes of video is written to each DVD. 
What we cannot do is recover areas of you video tape that have been crushed.Tape is very liable to this type of damage whether it be from enquiring children or from the tape  threading itself incorrectly in the camera.  We can splice broken tapes for an additional charge and use our best efforts to recover any video on them. We use the highest quality DVDs with a custom printed DVD label.
VHS, DV, Video 8, Hi8, Betamax Tapes DVD transfer

     Each videotape up to 90 minutes = £14
The video will be captured at the maximum possible resolution.  Analogue videos will be de-jittered and extra scan lines cropped. The video will be written to a DVD with a menu using the titles provided by you on the ordering form. Previews of the DVD chapters are available as menu sub selections.