Price List
Here is a guide to estimate the approximate length of your 8mm film.
 Spool Diameter  Length
 3 inches 50 feet
 5 inches 200 feet
 7 inches 400 feet

8mm films Standard 8, Super 8         - £6.50 per 50 foot 
                                                        (see above for length guide)
Hi 8, Digital 8, DV, Betamax              £14 per tape
Slides, Photographs, Negatives        - £0.40 per item

Postage and Packaging - £2.50




1. Call or email us to provide your address and tell us what your order is. Contact us.

2. Choose a title for each item of media, Make a list and label each item of media
and let us know any specific instructions you have.

5. Then mail (must use recorded delivery) your media and cash or cheque payable to Redux Studios in secure packaging to:
                                                                                 3 Buchanan street,
                                                                                 Largs, Ayrshire
                                                                                 KA30 8PP

6. Your media will then be processed using our professional grade equipment and software. This process may take up to 7 days.

7. We will then mail you your completed order.

We willcollect and deliver any order from North Ayrshire

Collection and delivery available only within North Ayrshire, Scotland.
Minimum order £10