Terms and Conditions

1. We will take great care of the media you provide for transfer. In the event of loss or damage our liability in line with photographic laboratory practice will be the replacement cost of the media. By offering us media for transfer you are accepting this condition. All media sent by mail must use a recorded delivery service.
2. Problems involving lost or missing media will be resolved with reference to the inventory list of items you provide on the order form.
3. We will use our best efforts to process your media in a reasonable period of time. If this is not possible due to circumstances beyond our control we will return the media to you and give you the option of purchasing any part of the media that we have been able to transfer. There will be no obligation for you to do this.
4. By placing an order you are indicating that you own or have permission to copy the material and that you indemnify Redux Studios against any liability
5. You must of inform us of any problems with the transfers within 10 days of receipt of the completed transfer.

6. Payment will be by cash or cheque payable to 'Redux Studios'.