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Photographs to DVD

We use professional film scanners and software with a capture at a definition of up to 2700bits per inch. The use of professional capture tools allows us to represent the full dynamic range of the images accurately. We will build your data onto a DVD comprising two elements. A DVD slide show that can be played on any DVD player.  A file containing high definition versions of the images that you can use to print or email. We will carefully clean each image to remove dust and contamination. The colour balance and the exposure of the image will then be optimised to obtain the best achievable result. Our equipment also applies advanced infra red techniques that assists in the removal of dirt and scratches. The improvements in picture quality as a result of this can be really quite remarkable. (See picture below)

Slides, Negatives, Photographs DVD Transfer

  35mm slide                  = 40p
  35mm negative             = 40p
  APS negative               = 40p
  Photograph up to A4    = 40p
The image will be cleaned  and captured up to 2700bpi and  basic adjustments made to the image exposure and the quality optimised. The images will be written to a DVD-R as a DVD playable file and as individual high defintion TIFF images.