Restoration of Film, Camcorder and Photographic Images to a custom printed high quality DVD

Redux Studios is a film restoration company based in Largs, Scotland. 
We provide a high quality, personalized DVD transfer service.
Home movie projectors became obsolete over 25 years ago. Today it is difficult to even find a working projector and most video tape formats have been replaced by memory cards.

By digitally transferring home movies and video camera tapes to DVD, you can take your family memories into the future in an up to date format.

Restoring to DVD means
- Family memories can be easily viewed on any television or computer.
- It is simple to make copies to give to your children and friends.
- The images that will now be on DVD will have been photographed or recorded long ago and you may have never seen them.

We will digitally restore - Standard 8mm filmSuper 8mm filmVHS
Video 8, Hi 8, Digital 8DV, Betamax also PhotosSlides and Negatives.
We will scan each of these using state of the art professional equipment and each format will be restored to DVD at the highest possible resolution.

Film to DVD

(Standard 8mm and Super 8mm)

Camcorder to DVD

(VHS, Video 8, DV, Hi8)

Photographs to DVD

(Photos, Negatives, Slides)

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